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About Us

We are a network for logistics companies who seek to work together for the health and benefit not just of the SVP Logistics, but for their fellow group members. Our ideal members are newly incorporated companies and start-ups with experienced, veteran leadership. Our members demonstrate and contribute knowledge about regulations, market conditions and opportunities in their home markets for import, export and domestic cargo.

  • Overview of SVP Logistics

    Successful businesses today depend on innovative logistics more than ever before. Gone were the days where businesses only require very traditional

  • Mission & Vision

    We dedicated to the goal of being the premier solutions provider for integrated logistics, freight forwarding, transport management and information

  • Why Choose Us

    Choosing your logistics partner is a vital decision in your international business. The logistics company plays very important role on delivering

  • Our Team

    SVP Logistics team has many years of experience. We know that every problem requires a specific solution, tailored to the customer's needs.

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